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Beyond IoT

Subscribe today to start watching Immersive technologies such as VR, AR and MR have been growing in popularity, making it increasingly difficult to separate the physical and digital worlds.

Not only are these extended realities being used for leisure and gamification, but also in business.

From healthcare to manufacturing to retail to transportation, the rapid growth of these disruptive technologies will be a gamechanger for businesses looking to gain new perspectives on their operations and opportunities.

Immersive technologies are taken to new levels by integrating concepts such as AI, predictive analytics and digital twins.

Building Smart with IoT

Subscribe today to start watching Digital Transformation is changing everything, including the way we build. When it comes to planning and designing new buildings and cities, incorporating advanced technologies to ensure energy efficiency and long term sustainability is becoming a necessity. Whether building a smart city from scratch or rehabbing existing structures with connected solutions, data-centric innovation is being placed top of mind. As developers and construction teams lay the framework for new buildings and infrastructure, connectivity and data collection will be as important as blueprints and safety. Researchers and Technology evangelists expect building and infrastructure data to be of significant value, giving us greater control of our digital future.

Planes, Trains & Smart Cars

Subscribe today to start watching Transportation and mobility are areas experiencing extreme transformation as IoT and other advanced technologies enable us to go further, faster.

As we integrate transformative transportation technologies we will say goodbye to diesel trucks, jam packed public transit and Long international flights. Travel and freight transport by high-speed rail is making a comeback with the rationale that travel by train is cheaper, faster and reduces carbon emissions.

The future of transportation focuses on decarbonization by promoting bicycling and electric mass transit systems, which will push us further away from using individual cars. An increasing number of smart city initiatives strengthen the need for better transportation solutions. Mobility strategies are expected to shift from moving people to places, to creating places where people are. Bikes and scooters along with small electric cars, personal transportation pods, autonomous drone taxis, and magnetic levitation bullet trains are expected to be the standard in the not so distant future.

Join us on Thursday, February 25th as Industry Insights Webinars presents, “Planes, Trains, & Smart Cars,” where our panel of experts will explore the technologies being used to evolve transportation and mobility in a panel-style discussion.

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